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Atlantic, the schooner of all records….

Among newcomers this year to Monaco Classic Week is Atlantic, the yacht which in 1905 set a record for an ocean crossing of 12 days and 4 hours. Rebuilt at the instigation of Ed Kastelein, the 64.5m Atlantic is an identical replica of the three-mast schooner that Charlie Barr commissioned for the Kaiser’s Cup in May 1905. Designed by William Gardner, the boat was built by Townsend and Downey (New York) and launched 28th July 1903. It was during a race initiated by Guillaume II,

Emperor of Germany that the Atlantic crossing reference time was set between Sandy Hook and Cape Lizard. The Scottish captain and his 50-strong crew never relaxed for a second, even establishing a record for the longest distance covered under sail of 341 miles in 24 hours on 24th May 1905. It was not until 1st August 1980 that a certain Eric Tabarly improved on that time on this 2,925 mile course.

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  • 20 August 2019