The Classic Yachting Meeting

Unique event in the world which brings together nearly 100 units, traditional sailboats, vintage motor-yachts and old motor boats to honor the maritime heritage.

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Boats attended

Updated: 1st September 2021

Nom BateauAnnéeCatégorie / GréementClasseArchitecteLongueur (LOD)Largeur
Alcyon 18711871Époque AuriqueSailing Yacht (S/Y)Gilles Vaton8 m3,6 m
Algue1948Époque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Olle Enderlein12,50 m2,97 m
Andale1951Classique MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Nicolas Potter14,40 m3,4 m
Artemis1928Epoque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Gustav A. Estlander11,06 m
Barbara1929Époque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Charles Ernest Nicholson15,30 m3,4 m
Brynhilde1958Classique MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Moody & Son9,8m2,43 m
Comet1946Époque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Olin Stephens16,20 m3,77 m
Dambuster1962Classique MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Souter & Son11,61 m2,91 m
Eileen 19381938Époque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Anker & Janssen18,75 m3,5 m
Emilia1930Epoque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Attilio Costaguta20,91 m3,78 m
Esterel1912Epoque AuriqueSailing Yacht (S/Y) Léon Sibille & Louis Grossi12,97 m2,42 m
Hallowe’en1926Big BoatSailing Yacht (S/Y)William Fife & Son25,25 m4,42 m
Harlekin1948Epoque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Eric Nilsson13,57 m2,21 m
Manitou1937Époque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Sparkmans & Stephens18,80 m4,20 m
Mariella1938Big BoatSailing Yacht (S/Y)Alfred Mylne24,05 m5,05 m
Mariska190815M JISailing Yacht (S/Y)William Fife & Son27,30 m4,18 m
Meerblick Classic1917Époque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Johan Anker15,54 m3,12 m
Moonbeam III1903Big BoatSailing Yacht (S/Y)William Fife & Son25 m4,72 m
Olympian1913Époque AuriqueSailing Yacht (S/Y)William Gardner16,76 m3,13 m
One Wave1948Epoque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)François Camatte11,26 m1,91 m
Orion of the Seas1910SchoonerSailing Yacht (S/Y)Charles Ernest Nicholson45,00 m
Puritan1930SchoonerSailing Yacht (S/Y)John Alden38,00 m7,01 m
Rainbow III1927Epoque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)William Fife & Son14,52 m2,60 m
Silhouette1910Époque AuriqueSailing Yacht (S/Y)William Fife III12,70 m2,50 m
Sky1890Big BoatSailing Yacht (S/Y)Thetis Ware26 m4 m
Skylark of 19371937Époque MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Olin Stephens16 m3,3 m
Stiren1966Classique MarconiSailing Yacht (S/Y)Sparkmans & Stephens14,85 m3,76 m
The Lady Anne191215M JISailing Yacht (S/Y)William Fife III19,27 m4,20 m
Tilly XV1912Epoque AuriqueSailing Yacht (S/Y)Willi Von Hacht12,00 m2,22 m
Tuiga190915M JISailing Yacht (S/Y)William Fife & Son28,70 m4,15 m
Viola1908Époque AuriqueSailing Yacht (S/Y)William Fife III15,50 m 2,90 m
Vistona1937Époque AuriqueSailing Yacht (S/Y)William Mc Pherson Campbde16,20 m3,78 m
Wiki1920Epoque AuriqueSailing Yacht (S/Y)Walter Wustrau19,80 m
Blue Bird of 19381938Motor Yacht (M/Y)GL Watson & Co31,59 m6.02
BSK 1963Motor Yacht (M/Y)Benetti18.075.06
Cacouna (TBC)1932Motor Yacht (M/Y)Camper & Nicholson36.216.25
Istros1954Motor Yacht (M/Y)De Vries Lentsch42,06 m6.92
Katja1929Motor Yacht (M/Y)Brooke Yacht Lowesoft14.93.28
Kir Royal1966Motor Yacht (M/Y)Van Den Akken30 m6
Lady Hertha1935Motor Yacht (M/Y)GL Watson & Co26 m5.3
S/S Delphine1921Motor Yacht (M/Y)Great Lake Engineering Works78,65 m10.8
Seaway1928Motor Yacht (M/Y)Dickie & Son17,02 m4,08 m
Dorama II1959Canot AutomobileRiva7 m
Fatal Attraction1962Canot AutomobileAlbatross Marine5,18 m
Giolisan1961Canot AutomobileRiva5,90 m
Holly1964Canot AutomobileRiva6,07 m
Iran1948Canot AutomobileStempler Corsier Port6,10 m
Mato 1960Canot AutomobileRiva6,25 m
Mc Queen1964Canot AutomobileRiva6,70 m
Tiennot1965Canot AutomobileRiva9 m
Bambou1973Canot AutomobileChris Craft5,97 m
Isabella1968Canot AutomobileRiva5,70 m
Jezabel 21948Canot AutomobileChris Craft5,40 m
Karai V1957Canot AutomobileAlbatross Marine3,88 m
Ksar1968Canot AutomobileRiva6,27 m
Luna1964Canot AutomobileRiva8,03 m
Moko1971Canot AutomobileChris Craft5,76 m
Orion1962Canot AutomobileSwiss Craft6,00 m
Palebe1960Canot AutomobileRiva6,57 m